AI Readiness Scan (Free Plan)


Understanding the present engagement with and attitudes towards AI tools within your organization is essential. This knowledge should serve as the foundation for developing AI adoption policies and strategic planning.


The AI Readiness Scan is an innovative survey that provide organizations with a quick and comprehensive overview of their current position in the AI adoption journey. It focuses on evaluating technological readiness, employee attitudes towards AI, and the overall preparedness of your organization to integrate AI solutions effectively.

The survey delves deep into the nuances of how your team interacts with AI technologies daily. It uncovers their perceptions of AI as either an opportunity or a threat and gauges their awareness and understanding of your organization’s AI policies. This nuanced understanding empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your team’s capabilities and outlook.

With the AI Readiness Scan, you gain access to valuable insights that guide the customization of internal communications, the establishment of effective behavioral guidelines, and the strategic adoption of emerging AI tools. Our approach ensures that your organization doesn’t just adopt AI but does so in a way that is harmonious with your team’s dynamics and the technological landscape.

Leverage our benchmarking capabilities to see how your organization’s AI adoption compares with peers across the Netherlands and globally. This feature provides a clear picture of where you stand and what steps you need to take to not only catch up but lead in the AI integration arena.

Embrace the future of work with confidence. The AI Readiness Scan is more than just a survey; it’s your roadmap to successful AI integration, offering a clear path to enhancing your organizational agility and staying ahead in the digital age.


SThe questionnaire is highly responsive
The questionnaire is entirely predefined and ready to use
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Utilizing Swiss-made, high-end survey technology
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The free version of the survey supports up to 50 respondents
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Additional service and consultancy packages are available
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Utilizing the key topics to assess digital workplace experience

How It Works

1. Order Questionnaire

Once your order is placed, we’ll promptly send you links to both a survey and the test, ensuring a streamlined and engaging experience.

2. Share survey link to your audience

Easily distribute the survey link to your audience and ignite their enthusiasm and participation by communicating in advance

3. Maintain the survey availability for a duration of 30 days

The survey stays open for a full 30 days, providing ample opportunity to re-engage and remind your audience halfway through, ensuring a boost in responses

4. Access the online dashboard

Access to a user-friendly, straightforward 1-page online dashboard at no additional cost. Experience hassle-free insights without the need for extra fees or licenses.

5. Take actions

Utilize the insights from your report to make informed improvements to your digital workplace experience


Usage and Adoption, Applications of AI Tools, User Satisfaction, Impact on productivity, Learning and Support, Job (in)security Sentiments, Policy at the workplace, Market Trends

Designed for

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Change Manager, General Management

Survey completion time

32 closed questions with Likert scale, predefined reasons for dissatisfaction, Open ended questions, Completion time: 6 minutes


English, Dutch


Online survey on domain, Technology by Survalyzer AG Switzerland, Data storage MS Azure EU, No individual data processing


Online dashboard, Raw Data Export upon request

Number of responses

50 in the Free Plan


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