Digital Wellbeing Diagnosis (Basic Plan)


Digital wellbeing measures how digitalization affects our overall health and satisfaction. An organization achieves digital health when its employees enjoy high digital wellbeing, where digital interactions boost health, productivity, and job satisfaction. Knowing your organization’s current digital wellbeing is crucial for creating policies and communication strategies to improve it.


Measure digital employee experience and gain actionable results in just 30 days

The Digital Wellbeing Diagnosis (DWD) is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate and enhance the digital wellbeing of organizations,ocusing on enhancing digital interactions, knowledge, and behaviors of employees.

It operates on the four pillars of Digital Wellbeing, namely digital means, IT support, digital skill levels, and behavior, to foster a healthier, more productive digital environment. The survey seeks to initiate either minor adjustments or major overhauls that contribute to a more balanced and fulfilling digital workplace.

Developed by our seasoned team, with insights from global clients and scientific research, the DWD offers a set of universally applicable questions designed to resonate with any employee demographic. This hassle-free solution requires no adjustments – it’s ready to deploy straight out of the box, ensuring a seamless integration into any organizational structure. 

Backed by a dedicated research team in The Netherlands, the DWD stands as a testament to simplicity and efficiency in gathering and leveraging employee feedback. It represents an all-encompassing solution for enhancing digital wellbeing, promising a seamless experience for organizations aiming to navigate the complexities of the digital workplace while fostering a healthier, more engaging, and productive environment for their teams.

Embrace simplicity and efficiency with the DWD, your all-in-one solution for employee feedback and insights.


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How It Works

1. Order Questionnaire

Once your order is placed, we’ll promptly send you links to both a survey and the test, ensuring a streamlined and engaging experience.

2. Share survey link with your team

Easily distribute the survey link to your audience and ignite their enthusiasm and participation by communicating in advance

3. Maintain the survey availability for a duration of 30 days

The survey stays open for a full 30 days, providing ample opportunity to re-engage and remind your audience halfway through, ensuring a boost in responses

4. Access your personalized dashboard to see your diagnosis

Access to a user-friendly, straightforward 1-page online dashboard at no additional cost. Experience hassle-free insights without the need for extra fees or licenses.

5. Make interventions

Utilize the insights from your report to make informed improvements to your digital workplace experience

Post-Diagnosis Interventions

Following the diagnosis, you will receive tailored, data-driven recommendations for practical interventions across these four pillars:

Digital Means – Interventions may include upgrading hardware or software and optimizing networks to enhance the digital working environment.

Digital Support – Strategies such as appointing digital coaches or IT ambassadors can significantly improve the support system, making digital resources more accessible and effective.

Digital Skills – From sharing software tips to enrolling employees in digital wellness programs, interventions aim to boost digital literacy and competence across the board.

Digital Behavior – Implementing email etiquette, setting online meeting standards, and encouraging digital detoxes are examples of behavioral interventions designed to foster a healthier digital workplace.


Satisfaction with the digital workplace ( hardware, applications, tools and network); Formal (IT service desk) and informal support (colleagues) that employees experience; Employees’ digital knowledge, skills and their willingness to develop; Digital behavior, such as digital distractions, offline breaks, balance in accessibility, and more.

Designed for

HR Wellness Coordinator, HR Manager, Change Manager, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Survey completion time

13 closed quuestions with liker scale, predefined reasons for dissatisfaction, Open ended questions, Completion time: 4 minutes


English, Dutch


Online survey on domain, Technology by Survalyzer AG Switzerland, Data storage MS Azure EU, No individual data processing


Online dashboard, Raw Data Export upon request

Number of responses



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