IT Happiness Program (Managed Program)

We offer a bespoke survey service aimed at providing deep insights into the digital and end-user experience, laying a foundation for targeted improvements. Built on two decades of cutting-edge IT service performance analysis, we guide you through a structured approach for success, turning feedback into a crucial part of IT management information. This enables timely adjustments based on real needs. Tailored to each organization’s specific journey, our data-driven recommendations are designed to align with your distinct objectives and challenges.


Leveraging over two decades of experience in collaborating with IT departments of organizations of all sizes worldwide, we’ve developed an optimized online questionnaire designed to evaluate the digital workplace experience of employees. This survey, characterized by its high responsiveness, can be completed by IT end users in just 4 minutes. It’s entirely predefined, requiring no effort on your part other than distributing it or sharing the link through your channels.

Crafted using Swiss-made, high-end survey technology, the survey maintains the utmost privacy and security standards. As the distributor, you’ll receive aggregated data only, ensuring no individual responses can be traced back to specific individuals.

This complimentary version supports up to 50 respondents, making it perfect for small organizations or specific groups or departments within larger entities. The survey, available in English, remains open for 30 days, after which you’ll receive the results in a straightforward online report.

Should you wish to broaden the survey’s scope or require customization, we offer additional service and consultancy packages to meet your needs.


SThe questionnaire is highly responsive
The questionnaire is entirely predefined and ready to use
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Utilizing Swiss-made, high-end survey technology
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Get a team of experts to customize, distribute and analyze your survey results
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Utilizing the key topics to assess readiness for new technology

How It Works

1. Request Quotation

Tell us about your organization and your goals so we can create the perfect solution for you.

2. Kick-Off Session & Preparations

Meet your assigned team of experts. We will inventorize and schedule activities, provide you with relevant resources and action list, create an MS Teams channel, and inform you on department representative resources that we need.

3. Changes & Configutations

We help you customize the look & feel, as well as the content, of your questionnaire.

4. Reviewing & Feedback

Check if the questionnaire is meeting your expectations. We make final changes and conduct a bulkmail test.

5. Moving to Production

When the questionnaire has been finalized, we move it to our production environment. From this moment, the questionnaire cannot be changes unless critical issues appear.

6. Finalizing & Testing

We finalize processes, database configurations, exports and test if everything works according to functional and technical requirements.

7. Access your personalized dashboard for reporting and analysis

You will receive access to our YORT-Dashboard, where you can see results, trends and analysis to help you make data-driven changes in your digital workplace.

8. Presentation of Analysis

When a survey duration is complete, your assigned team will present their findings and analysis to you. We then prepare for your next survey roll-out.


Satisfaction with the digital workplace ( hardware, applications, tools and network); Formal (IT service desk) and informal support (colleagues) that employees experience; Employees’ digital knowledge, skills and their willingness to develop; Digital behavior, such as digital distractions, offline breaks, balance in accessibility, and more.

Designed for

HR Wellness Coordinator, HR Manager, Change Manager, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Survey completion time

20 closed quuestions with liker scale, predefined reasons for dissatisfaction, Open ended questions, Completion time: 4 minutes


English, Dutch


Online survey on domain, Technology by Survalyzer AG Switzerland, Data storage MS Azure EU, No individual data processing


Online dashboard, Raw Data Export upon request

Number of responses



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